Russia's Lawmaker Wants to Ban Shirtless Men

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Vitaly Milonov

Russia’s most homophobic lawmaker Vitaly Milonov wants to ban shirtless men. Oooo-kay…


In yet another ridiculous law proposal, Vitaly Milonov wants to ban shirtless men or, really, anyone in a state of undress.

The St Petersburg deputy has put forward a bill that imposes fines for ‘nudity or unethical attire’ in public places which would effectively end the wearing of swimsuits.

The ban is defined as “either absence of clothes or nudity of either upper or lower parts of the body.”

If it is approved, any person that violates the bill would be punished with a fine between 1,000 and 3,000 rubles ($10-60, €20-50).

The lawmaker emphasized the ban was only applicable outside beaches and other “zones of public recreation.”

If it is successful, he will look to take the law to the entirety of Russia.

We assume this law will not apply to Russia’s most shirtless man, Vladimir Putin. Milonov has been the most outspoken anti-LGBT lawmaker in Russia, targeting a lesbian couple who kissed in front of him on a plane.


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