WATCH: Sarah Silverman High at Emmys


Usually on the Emmys red carpet, Giuliana Rancic asks celebrities who they are wearing but last night it was more a case of ‘What are you smoking?’ as comedian/actress Sarah Silverman went through the contents of her purse with the E! host revealing a vape-pen filled with liquid pot.


“This is my pot”, the 43 year-old told, “money, lipstick, mirror, license…what if I need my license?”, she asked Rancic.

Later, after she picked up an award for her TV show, We Are Miracles, a TMZ paparazzo enquired if she was high during the night. Silverman set the record straight saying, “I had a pot vapour pen thing for later. I don’t drink and I like to have a puff-arooni end of night when all is said and done cause I’m a grown woman…happy?” When pushed for her highlight of the night, the sarcastic stand-up said “I guess this, talking to you”.

During her acceptance speech, Silverman thanked “her jews”, adding “We’re all just made of molecules and we’re hurling through space right now”. We sure are, Sarah…we sure are.

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