Second 'Straight Pride' parade planned for August

Permits for a 'Straight Pride' parade in Modesto, California, have been submitted to City Hall. A right-leaning group is organising the event for August.

Straight Pride parade Man shouting in a crowd with his fist raised.

A “Straight Pride” parade is being organised for next month in Modesto, California. Permits were submitted to city officials by the ‘National Straight Pride Coalition’ yesterday.

The announcement of a Straight Pride parade in Boston, planned by the online group ‘Super Happy Fun America’, received widespread backlash from the LGBT+ community. This does not seem to be stopping the National Straight Pride Coalition, who are more outspoken in their conservative views.   

Don Grundmann, director of the National Straight Pride Coalition, spoke to CBS 13, in which he described the parade as a response  to CBS 13 “anyone that supports the LGBTQ lifestyle.” He is a San Leandro-based chiropractor and has run five times for U.S Senate, all unsuccessful.

Last week, flyers began circulating around Modesto to promote the event. “Western Civilisation”, “babies – born and unborn”, and “masculinity – feminity” are among the key things the parade wants to celebrate.

In response to the flyer, Modesto Progressive Democrats took to Facebook to say, “Have you ever been fired from a job for being straight? Have you been banned from the USA for being Christian? No? That’s because it’s Straight Pride day EVERY DAY”.

Have you ever been fired from a job for being straight? Have you been banned from the USA for being Christian? No? That’s because it’s Straight pride day EVERY DAY.

Posted by Modesto Progressive Democrats on Sunday, 21 July 2019

According to the Los Angeles Times, Grundmann said, “We’re promoting many different things: […] the nuclear family of men, women and children […] — everything that made our country great.”

Thomas Reeves, community and media relations officer for Modesto, has said the event is planned for August 24 at Graceada Park. Numerous city residents have called and emailed City Hall to voice their concerns that the event may be permitted to take place.

Reeves further stated, “So although the city does not share in the beliefs of some groups that choose to hold their events here, we may not be able to deny a permit based on an organization’s values”.

Both Trip Advisor and Netflix have sent the Boston Straight Pride organiser cease and desists for using their company logos on their website.

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