Sense8 Cast Filmed A Sensual Scene At Sao Paulo Pride 2016

The Sense8 cast at pride with Lito and Will kissing on a pride float and Riley standing beside them

Cast of the Wachowski sisters’ TV series Sense8 were spotted on floats at Sao Paulo Pride 2016

The cast of the Wachowski sisters’ newest visual oeuvre, Sense8, were spotted at Sao Paulo Pride 2016 dancing and kissing each other at the celebration atop floats whilst filming for the second season of the TV series which will be available on Netflix.

Sexually fluid characters Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) and Will (Brian J. Smith) are seen kissing and dancing with Riley (Tuppence Middleton) while the Wachowski Sisters can be seen directing the actors and observing the scene unfolding.

The Wachowski sisters (formerly the Wachowski brothers) are best known for mind-bending movies like The Matrix and its sequels. However, Lily Wachowski will not be returning to season two of Sense8 leaving her sister Lana to produce the second season after Lily was forced to come out as trans by the Daily Mail.

Sense8 tackles issues related to LGBTI individuals in Sense8 with the show featuring trans actress Jamie Clayton playing Nomi and Lito who is a closeted gay actor.

Check out the cast performing at Sao Paulo Pride 2016 below:

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