Singer Kesha Officiates A Lesbian Wedding For Real In New Music Video

Singer Kesha's new song, 'I Need A Woman To Love', features her officiating at the actual wedding of same-sex couple Dani and Lindsey.

Singer Kesha officiating a lesbian wedding

As part of the Universal Love compilation, re-imagining classic love songs for same-sex couples, pop singer Kesha mixed it up with her cover of the Janis Joplin tune, ‘I Need A Man To Love’. Re-titling the song to make it about loving another woman, she joined a host of other artists in gender shifting the classics.

In the video, we see Kesha performing the song intercut with interview footage between Dani and Lindsey, the happy couple. Kesha begins with the statement, “People should be able to love whoever they want to love. That’s what love is.”

It’s followed by the poignant statement from one of the brides to be – “I had put in my mind there was just certain parts of life I wasn’t going to be able to participate in because of who I was.”



The couple go on to say how much of an ally Kesha has been to the gay community, performing at Pride events while bigots protested outside. The couple say singer Kesha announced from the stage that the protestors may be outside, “But in here it’s all love.”

Before the moment Kesha marries the couple, which incidentally took place on March 26th, the anniversary of the issuing of the first same-sex marriage licence in the US, the singer reveals it is actually the third same-sex marriage she has officiated.

Kesha wells up thinking how unusual it is the fact that she “would just play a show and there’d be two people there that I’d never met and now I’m marrying them today.” The track then pauses to show the touching ceremony itself before roaring back into life.

Other artists on the Universal Love album include Bob Dylan, singing the gender switched standard, ‘He’s Funny That Way’, St Vincent with a cover of The Crystals song now titled, “And Then She Kissed Me’, and Kele Okereke giving a new twist to the Mary Wells classic, ‘My Guy’, by singing it as a man.

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