Smirnoff Collaborates With Irish Artist & Performer XNTHONY

XNTHONY stars in a new SMIRNOFF campaign that is giving a face and a voice to the next generation of queer club kids and we dig it.

Smirnoff's ad campaign starring XNTHONY. Three people sit on a rooftop bar sipping drinks while the sun is setting

SMIRNOFF launches the next chapter of their “We’re Open” initiative. Bringing together leading trans and gender non-conforming artists and performers, the campaign aims to spark conversation, create positive change in nightlife culture and lead a movement to make it a more open-minded and socially inclusive space.

XNTHONY aka Anthony Keigher is an artist and performer based in London. Inspired by popular culture XNTHONY & his collective X&CO merge music, comedy & theatre making multi-disciplinary experiences that unfold live and online. In 2017, he was named Irish Entertainer of the Year at the GALA Awards. He spoke to GCN about branding, authenticity and everything in between in our most recent youth issue.

The new film by SMIRNOFF, starring DJ and producer Honey Dijon, Irish artist and performer Xnthony, French LGBTQ+ icon and leading figure on the Paris Ballroom scene Kiddy Smile, British transgender model and dancer Lucy Fizz, and gender-fluid pop artist Le Fil, celebrates the role that nightlife plays in inclusive good times, and its power to inspire positive change in the communities it represents.


Queer Representation

After having conducted research, SMIRNOFF identified that while 12% of millennials identified as transgender or gender non-conforming, society at large still lacked awareness and understanding of the non-binary community, with a lack of positive role models in mainstream media. Recently we reported on the TENI report which indicated that only 10% of hate crimes against trans people are being reported to the Gardaí. Through statistics such as indicated in TENI’s report, SMIRNOFF recognised the need to help support these communities.

Through highlighting the positive stories of these forward-thinking artists and performers, SMIRNOFF aims to shift mainstream perceptions and understanding of underrepresented communities. By amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ role models and champions, SMIRNOFF is passionate to be leading a nightlife culture where every single person feels included, valued, and able to express themselves.

“With this new film, we aim to support and give voice to the non-binary community, push the cultural conversation around gender equality and representation forward, and use our influence in nightlife culture to drive positive change in the communities it represents,” says Anita Robinson, European Category Director at Diageo.


We here at GCN salute the work SMIRNOFF is doing to bring representation to those who have been “othered” by mainstream media! Check out the fabulous video about the campaign below.


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