Strike 4 Repeal Assembly To Be Held Outside Dáil Éireann

Pro-choice activists to assemble at Dáil Éireann during abortion referendum statements, warn ‘we won’t wait any longer for our rights'.

strike 4 repeal at the Dail demanding a referendum

Strike 4 Repeal are calling for people to participate in a ‘Strike Assembly’ outside the Dáil this Wednesday 17th January from 5 pm, to watch a live stream of Oireachtas statements on the 8th amendment referendum.

Sometimes lightning strikes twice…

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Posted by Strike 4 Repeal on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Strike 4 Repeal event on March 8th, 2017 saw over 10,000 people occupy O’Connell Bridge in Dublin city centre for three hours, while demonstrations took place in over 50 locations in Ireland and around, to demand the government set a date for a referendum on abortion in Ireland.

The recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee will be debated in statements this week which will inform a referendum question on the 8th Amendment.

During the Oireachtas Commitee, a vote was held and the majority voted in favour of  ‘repeal simpliciter’ – a straight repeal of the Eighth Amendment – to be placed before people in a referendum.

Leo Varadkar stated last Wednesday that he feels that allowing abortion up to 12 weeks, a recommendation the Oireachtas will be debating may be ‘a step too far’ despite widespread public, international medical and expert support for the recommendation.

Jen O’Leary, Spokesperson for Strike4Repeal said:

“We are at serious risk of having a referendum question which will only allow for further weak and dangerous legislation. Our chance to have fully accessible abortion rights hinge on the framing of this question and the legislation that follows it. While we are confident that Ireland will vote pro-choice in this referendum we can only vote on the questions put to us, if the referendum simply proposes to replace the 8th or restrict access to abortion then our health and wellbeing will continue to suffer”.

Strike4Repeal are asking people to assemble outside the Dáil next Wednesday 17th January from 5 pm to watch the debate live.

The action is not a ‘Strike’ as last March was, but a chance to gather and decide what action is necessary if the government attempt to weaken the proposed recommendations or replace the 8th with restrictive legislation.

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