Sunday Social Finds A Fancy New Home

As Sunday Social moves to Farrier and Draper, the man behind the scene staple, Buzz O'Neill reflects on Dublin's gay nightlife throughout the years.


Sunday Social has been a staple in many of our calendars since 2008 and now as it sets up shop in Farrier and Draper, event organiser Buzz O’Neill reflects on Dublin’s club scene throughout the years:

It’s very rare, apart maybe from The George, that one building can lay claim to such a long-running rich gay history in Dublin’s ever-changing gay club landscape.

Powerscourt Townhouse, which houses our new home for Sunday Social in Farrier & Draper, can loftily lay such a claim.

The building was originally home to one of the first gay clubs in the city, Hooray Henry’s in the 80’s and early 90’s.

When it was bought and transformed into SPY nightclub, a fab Sunday night club, Hilton Edwards popped up, brought to life by the powerbottom creative forces behind HAM.

Hilton Edwards was a leading light on the gay scene, a theatre producer and co-founder of The Gate Theatre.

Later on, Slam moved in downstairs, that saw some of the best Monday night gay parties Dublin has ever seen. Dj Karen and Rocky T Delgado tore up that basement club back in the day. Rocky feels like he’s coming home again.

The 2000’s saw the arrival of a ton more brilliant gay club nights, Spice on bank holiday Sundays, and then weekly on Fridays, War was a game changer for a whole new generation of fabulous club kids, and C.U.N.T brought Tuesday messiness to a whole new level.

So now, we turn the big old flaming gay wheel full circle and pitch up our over the top flamboyant tent in Farrier & Draper every Sunday.

Sunday Social has always been about the fun, the dancing or the chill, and the cruise, in as fabulous a venue as we can lay our hands on (Sycamore Club, 4 Dame Lane, Odessa club)

Many still hark back to the early days of 2008 when we opened our doors in The Sycamore club on that brilliant rooftop terrace bar. We had some really crazy parties there but we think Farrier & Draper is going to surpass all that.

There are 3 distinct areas in the club and we look forward to seeing who finds what part of the club to call their own. When you come in early (and we think LOTS of people are now going to come earlier) the main front bar has a lovely low light snuggly seating area to the back of it. If you go up the stairs and in the right, you will see the two main beautiful Georgian rooms. One for chilling and the next main room is where you will find rocky and the dance. Or the dance just may find you, no matter what part of the club you lay your hat.

Our dealings with management thus far have been just a breeze, the staff are all just bloody fab, and everyone there is VERY excited to kick this all off on Sunday 28th.
Doors open at 10 pm, come early- we’re fairly certain it’s going to be a busy one!

One last thing, in 9 years we haven’t changed the door admission price, unbelievably its still only a fiver. So please don’t ask for guestlist as we’d be scarlet for yer ma for havin’ ya.

Sunday Social at Farrier & Draper Launch Party takes place January 28. RSVP here.

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