Ten Questions With the Star of ‘Professional Break-up Artist’, Annabel Pribelszki

In advance of bringing her hilarious new show to the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, lesbian feminist performer, Annabel Pribelski gets real with us about break-ups, the need for queer comedy, and a unique use of props.

Annabel-Pribelszki-Professional Break Up Artist

“I can offer consultations with the broken-hearted of Dublin, to encourage them to see the funny side of their break-up.”

1. Hey Annabel! Tell us who you are in one sentence, if you please.

I’m a writer, performance artist, lesbian, feminist, and political satirist.

2. Are you also professional break-up artist?

Most definitely! I’ve been through so many breakups, I’m clearly an expert. I can offer consultations with the broken-hearted of Dublin, to encourage them to see the funny side of their predicament. My company breakupsRus.com can help take the strain out of your breakup, by providing notification services, Instagram photo editing, and house clearances. Come to the show, to find out more!

3. So, Annabel, what can people expect from the show?

A one-woman cabaret aimed at anyone who has experienced: a disaster-date, sex, love, being in a relationship, and/or being dumped. Expect audience interaction, a multitude of sexual references and a unique use of props!

4. Why do you think it’s important to have queer comedy?

So many reasons: visibility, to share relatable stories, to provide positive role models, to show that all humans experience the same range of universal challenges. To share our common humanity. To show the world the diverse range of queer performers and their unique stories. To smash stereotypes and heteronormativity.

5. Who is the greatest influence on your life, Annabel, and why?

All the women who came before us who sacrificed so much to pave the path towards feminism and equality.

6. If you could have any five comedians over to yours for dinner, who would they be?

Sally Phillips, Victoria Wood, Zoe Lyons, Angela Barnes, Andy Hamilton.

7. What is your greatest ambition?

So many! To perform on Live at the Apollo. To gig at the Hackney Empire. To sell out on a worldwide tour. To write and perform political satire on Radio 4.

8. Who would play you in the biopic of your life, and what would it be called?

No idea who to choose! It would be called ‘Keep Walking Until You Get Stopped’.

9. What’s the best piece of life advice you ever received?

You are enough, you have enough, you do enough.

10. If the world were ending tomorrow, what would Annabel do today?

Love, laugh, share good times with friends and family; put on a show-stopping performance to go out on a high!


Annabel Pribelski stars in Professional Break-up Artist at the Teachers’ Club (Studio) on Frida,y May 11 at 9pm and Saturday, May 12 at 4pm and 9pm. Get your tickets here.


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