Texas Twitter Users Beg Beyoncé For To Help Save Pro-Gay Law


Activists in Houston, Texas are calling on Beyoncé for help to save the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) that was put in place to protect LGBT individuals.


It all started last summer, when the city of Houston introduced HERO, a landmark law that banned discrimination towards LGBT individuals. The law was a HUGE deal at the time, as before Houston was the largest city in the US that didn’t have any law in place to protect the LGBT community – and they could lawfully be denied service, housing or employment based on sexual orientation.

While the LGBT community and allies were celebrating, those who were against the law gathered up thousands of signatures from nay-sayers, petitioning that the decision be put up to a public vote. They came up short. However, fast forward a year and the Texas Supreme Court says the decision be put to the public vote in November 2015 anyway.

But where does Queen Bey come in?

The Queen of the Universe and all around ***FLAWLESS human hails from H-Town – so advocates are looking to their ultra-famous homegrown heroine for help saving HERO.

And so #BeyBeAHero was born.

Carlos Maza, gay Houstonian and LGBT programme director at Media Matters for America, wrote a blog for Huffington Post calling on Yoncé to support the cause.

He writes:

Houston is in for a nasty, dishonest and divisive campaign to repeal HERO and legalise discrimination against LGBT Houstonians. These kinds of campaigns don’t usually end well for LGBT people: they’re dehumanizing, traumatic and usually result in LGBT people losing their basic civil rights.

But that could change if the world’s proudest and most famous Houstonian decides to stand up for her LGBT fans and speak out in favor of keeping HERO.With a single post to her over forty million Instagram followers, Beyoncé could change the debate over Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance and mobilize support for protecting LGBT Houstonians from discrimination.


Mrs. Carter is yet to respond to her call to action, but she has a pretty good track record with supporting the “oppressed minority”. In 2013, she openly support same-sex marriage by posting a handwritten note to her Instagram saying, “If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it.”

Also, who could forget about her rainbow recreation of her very own 7/11 video to celebrate SCOTUS legalising same-sex marriage countrywide in the US?


Houstonians are tweeting like crazy to grab Beyoncé’s attention, asking her for help in keeping her hometown LGBT friendly.




Come on Beyoncé, your city needs a superhero!


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