The Positive Space is an exciting new exhibition that will bring art to Dublin's streets

The Positive Space, a city-wide exhibition will turn negative, blank spaces into something positive, and encouraging.

The Positive Space
Image: Enda Bowe | @thepositivespaceireland

The Positive Space Exhibition is an ambitious new project to bring visual art, photography and creative to Dublin’s streets. Across the last couple of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many large scale events around the country to be cancelled or postponed leaving that prime poster space real estate usually used to promote those events blank and grey.

This exciting new initiative has been created by consultant Anthony Remedy, stylist Corina Gaffey and photographer Naomi Gaffey  and aims to remedy that symphony of grey in our city right now by creating “something hopeful, breathing life into the city once more with photographs from some of Ireland’s best.”

Detailing the project on their GoFundMe page, they had this to say:

“We asked a selection of Irish photographers to come together and provide an image that inspires them, and in turn, that would galvanize the city. We plan to exhibit the photographs for up to three weeks throughout Dublin via IPA advertising sites in a mammoth city-wide exhibition. The opportunity to host this style of exhibition, due to lack of events, is unlikely to come around again.”

The initial list of contributing photographers is impressive and includes Enda Bowe,Linda Brownlee ,Conor Clinch ,Dorje De Burgh ,Naomi Gaffey ,Rich Gilligan and Liam Murphy.

This ambitious project needs support need to raise €10,000.  The funds collected will only be used to cover costs of postering and printing. They explain that the “IPA is assisting us to ensure maximum exposure for the public, with a 70% discount on the sites. ”

The Positive Space has secured over 450 sites around the city for the duration of the exhibition and has a stellar line of up of fine art, portrait, fashion, and documentary photographers onboard with more names to be announced tomorrow.

Find out more about The Positive Space here and you can support the project on their GoFundMe here.

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