Three People Injured After Shooter Opens Fire Outside Texas Gay Bar

Three people are being treated for their injuries following a shooting outside the gay nightclub.

The scene outside Pegasus nightclub after a shooter opened fire.

Two men and one woman have been injured after a shooter targeted a group of people outside Pegasus Nightclub, a gay bar in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio police reported that the shooting occurred following an altercation between two groups outside the nightclub. A person travelling in a red car shot at a group of people as they left the club shortly after midnight. The shooter fled the scene, driving southbound on North Main Avenue. Police are actively trying to track the suspect.

The manager of the gay club said he heard approximately eight shots fired outside of the venue. He has also said that the shooting happened after one man was called a racial slur as party-goers queued to buy tacos outside the club. Police have clarified that none of the people involved in this altercation were shot at.

The three people injured were taken to San Antonio Medical Centre. They are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The outside area of the nightclub, where a shooter opened fire on a group of people.

Describing the events that led to the shooting, the club’s manager told a local news reporter:

“A nicely dressed gentleman was ordering food. The guy behind him I guess got irritated that he couldn’t make up his mind, called him a name. They started to push and shove each other. Our security broke it up, kept one inside, and took the other one outside, just to separate them. The one inside kept on yelling through the fence names at the other one and he got upset, and at that point, he walked off.

“Then a couple minutes later he came back here to the stop sign and had a gun and he shot three times in the air. They called me to the front and I came to the front and I told all the customers, everybody, to get inside, and started pushing people inside. We got mostly everybody cleared away from our outside area and he got in his car, drove around the block and came down this road and open-fired at the gate.”

Police are continuing with their efforts to track down the shooter.

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