Tinder Gets Non-binary Gender Options

tinder trans

Tinder’s CEO has announced plans to incorporate more gender options in the App, making the service more suitable for non-binary gender users.


CEO Sean Rad said that Tinder is planning to roll out more gender options on their popular dating app. Accusations against the company have been raised in the past, claiming that its service is transphobic. Trans users were in some cases unfairly banned due to other users filing fake abuse reports. The new gender options are set to minimise this risk, allowing for trans-friendly folk to connect and avoid unnecessary interactions with less open-minded users.

Following in Facebook’s footsteps, the company is also responding to growing recognition of trans rights in the public sphere.

Currently users only have the option of choosing male or female gender but the new options will allow for more complex gender identities. Rad has promised these new features will be rolled out within a month or two.

Speaking at a tech conference on Thursday, he said: “No matter who you are, no matter what you’re looking for, you should get quality matches through the Tinder experience. There’s an important transgender (and gender nonconforming) community on Tinder who haven’t had that experience… yet.”

It’s another victory for trans rights everywhere, and the continuing normalisation of non binary genders in the mainstream.


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