Watch: Gays! It's Time to be #Heterofriendly!


This fabulous, but fake boyband takes the micky out of stereotypes, calling on gay men to be more #Heterofriendly


Their video shows the faux boyband, made up of gorgeous gym addicts, telling gays everywhere to be more tolerant of their straight friends.




The five guys autotune their way through the various quirks of straight men, from their mismatched socks to their hairy balls.

Seemingly straight boys can’t dance, they don’t know much about Madonna, and their porn is oh-so-boring, but they’re people too!

And it doesn’t hurt that the “band” look the part – flexing in the gym and cavorting in the pool.





The hotel chain that produced the ad, Alex Hotels, is the worlds first LGBT hotel group with branches in Berlin, Maspalomas and two in Barcelona. The video is filmed in their Barcelona premises and it looks fairly swank.

Founder and president of the chain Juan Julià said of the ad: “We wanted to blink an eye at society when facing the struggle for true normalisation of the LGBT community, we wanted them to step in our shoes for a moment…”

So next time your straight friend wants to hang out, answer the phone! Give those boring straights a chance! Be #Heterofriendly!

Check it out:


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