The Top 5 Eurovision Odds

Conchita Wurst

The gay crowds are crowing for Austria’s Conchita Wurst to win Eurovision 2014, but will she take home the trophy on Saturday night? Here’s the betting odds for the final from Paddy Power.


1. SWEDEN: ‘Undo’ sung by Sanna Nielsen

Odds 1/12

The gorgeous Sanna is the bookies’ favourite, but the odds have gone a bit awry since it was announced that Sweden are the unlucky 13th in the running order. Still, Sweden is a bloc country (they’e won five times), and the song worms its way into the head like a Swedish brain leech.


2. AUSTRIA: ‘Rise like a Phoenix’ sung by Conchita Wurst.

Odds 1/5

Conchita has been a media darling so far, and was greeted with the screams of crazed gay fans when she performed on Thursday, but her song might be a bit on the old fashioned side. The last time Austria won the Eurovision was 1966, so a win has been a long time coming. Queer fingers crossed!


3. ARMENIA: ‘Not Alone’ sung by Aram Mp3

Odds 1/5

An electro ballad about domestic abuse, this is hardly a typical Eurovision winner, but the reception for Aram Mp3’s ditty has been pretty good so far. A piano riff at the beginning builds to an strings and electronic crescendo, complete with a pared-back performance make this a classy choice.


4. THE NETHERLANDS: ‘Calm After the Storm’ sung by The Common Linnets

Odds: 1/6

After last year’s hauntingly beautiful ‘Birds’, the Dutch have gone for something very different with a catchy country number. Holland hasn’t won since Teach-in’s ‘Ding a Dong’ back in 1975, and the fact that they’re not a bloc country hasn’t helped. But we think this has a chance.


5. HUNGARY: ‘Running’ sung by Andras Kallay-Saunders

Odds 1/4

Hungary has never won the contest and could be handicapped by a lack of bloc votes, but this song about a girl and her wayward Daddy might be good for an each-way bet. And Andras is pretty hot, so it’s a win-win!


Outside Chance!

GREECE ‘Rise Up’ sung by Freaky Fortune

Odds 4/7

This catchy rap number performed on a trampoline by some cute cheeky chappies is likely to do well, but will it win? Hardly likely. Bet on it being in the top ten and you could do well.

Betting on Eurovision with Paddy Power here.


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