The Top 5 LGBT+ Moments In Rick And Morty

Netflix's adult cartoon Rick and Morty is taking the world by storm so we've put together five of the top LGBT+ moments from the show

Rick and Morty running from lots of aliens

Rick and Morty is one of Netflix’s gems in 2017, with nearly three full seasons for enthusiasts to watch. The sci-fi cartoon follows the adventures of a genius and worst grandfather in the world, Rick Sanchez, and his simple-minded grandson, Morty, as they traverse the multi-verse battling baddies, obtaining rare crystals and keeping their family safe from harm.

The show is pretty out there, so it should come as no surprise that there are some fantastic LGBT+ moments peppered throughout those twenty-minute episodes. Below are our top 5 LGBT+ Rick and Morty moments.

**Spoiler Alert**

1. Trunk People

A trunk person on a beach from rick and morty

In the episode ‘Rixty Minutes’ we discover that in one dimension, scientists have created trunk people who are “capable of having sex with both men and women”.

In the inter-dimensional campaign ads we see – one in favour of a legal change (‘Proposition XW2’) allowing trunk people to marry whoever they want and one against – we’ve got messages that strike a chord with what’s going on in Australia at the moment.

The conservative ad-makers urge people to vote against the proposition because “Who needs it?” which is about as strong an argument as they’ve got down under!

The counter-ad makes the claim that trunk people just want to express the love in their heart with both men and women. Imagine, people being able to love who they want without prejudice. That’s a dimension I’d happily travel to!


2. Jerry’s Parents

Jerry's parents from rick and morty with a black lover

In a Christmas-themed episode of Rick and Morty, Morty’s dad, Jerry forces his whole family to put their phones and tablets in a stocking so they can have a humanist day and focus on present company.

This bites him in the behind when his parents rock up with a young, black lover on their arm (a possible reference to Six Degrees of Separation). While the rest his family are happy that their grandparents have found someone who can make them happy, Jerry can’t cope with this new, non-heteronormative normal.

Time to get with the present Jerry, and enjoy Christmas and appreciate your parents’ new relationship!


3. Sexy BDSM Dreams

Rick and Morty in a sexy beds dreamworld where rick is in a harness

Nothing says LGBT+ like a bondage-themed, giant orgy with mythological creatures like elves and centaurs. And an alternate Rick wearing leather harness and being the slave of a masked gnome is one of the queerest things he’s done to date – even if it is just in the Inception-ed dream of Morty’s maths teacher, Mr Goldenfold.


4. Sleepy Gary

Sleepy Gary and Jerry from Rick and Morty standing in a hallway

In ‘Total Rickall’ the Smith family become infected by a parasitic alien species that survive (and multiply) by implanting fake memories into people’s heads. As soon as some says “Remember that time…” it introduces another character into the mix. Eventually the house is filled with fake parasitic creatures who have implanted false memories in everyone’s minds to confirm their existence.

In Jerry’s case, it’s the memory of a sexy same-sex tryst with Sleepy Gary aboard a yacht. At the end of the episode, Beth kills Sleepy Gary and a distraught Jerry BEGS her to kill him so they can be together in death. It’s more hilarious than it sounds.


5. Unity

Rick and Morty star Rick sanchez hugging a male and female on Unity's planet while he wears a sombrero

In the episode ‘Auto Erotic Assimilation’ we meet Rick’s ex, Unity,  a hive mind being that “assimilates” and controls the population of an entire planet.

Rick and Unity waste no time rekindling their relationship on Unity’s planet, doing drugs and having some pansexual fun with some of the planet’s people.

This includes the buff, hairy-chested alien above who rubs Rick’s belly button in an intimate display.


What’s your favourite LGBT+ moment from Rick and Morty?

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