Ireland's Hottest Export Is At It Again In New Fifty Shades Trailer

Jamie Dornan is giving Daniel Craig's Bond a run for his money

A scene from the new fifty shades trailer showing two silhouettes underneath water

Irish actor Jamie Dornan is making waves with the new Fifty Shades trailer, with his very own beach moment.

The trailer for the third and final instalment in the trilogy, Fifty Shades: Freed is out now, featuring the toned and tanned body of Dornan exiting a cyan blue body of water, dripping wet.

Better known perhaps for his roles in The Fall and Once Upon A Time, the county Down actor will be gracing the silver screen one last time as Christian Grey, the sadomasochistic billionaire lover of Anastasia Steele.

To check out Dornan and see for yourself, watch the trailer for Fifty Shades: Freed below:

In this trailer, we get a sneak peak of what Dornan will be bringing to the film, besides his charisma and charm as he joins the likes of Daniel Craig’s Bond in the cinematic annals of buff men walking out of the sea.

In 2015, to promote the first film in the franchise, Dornan made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talkshow taking the opportunity to show his prowess with accents.

The actor also made our NSFW list of Top 5 Sexiest Irish Actors Who Get Naked On Camera last year, and revealed more of himself in this year’s instalment in the franchise, Fifty Shades: Darker, leaving us to wonder what more there will be to see in the 2018 film, Freed.

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What’s Next?

With Fifty Shades soon to be behind him, Dornan can focus his creative energies on other projects.

In 2018, he will also make an appearance as Will Scarlet in the upcoming Robin Hood film alongside Taron Egerton (Kingsman), which is currently in post-production.

What kind of role would you like to see Jamie Dornan take on after Robin Hood? Something fantasy related? Perhaps something sci-fi? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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