Our Top Pride Moments

Pride represents something different for everyone at GCN, but we're unified by our sense of community.

People at the Mother Pride Block Party for Dublin Pride 2017

“My favourite moment was when I accidentally sneezed lots of glitter on a Garda…”

Here at GCN Towers we’ve had a busy couple of months getting ready for the brand new redesigned magazine, the website you’re on right now and our shiny new app (you know, to read GCN on your iOS or Android devices).

All the months of preparation and hard work took their toll, so naturally at Dublin Pride 2017 team GCN decided to let our hair down and celebrate our fabulous community! Here’s our best moments from Saturday.



Watching 3,000+ LGBTQ folks lose their minds when Loreen sang ‘Euphoria” at Mothers’ Pride Block Party. SO. MUCH. FUN.



My favourite moment was when I accidentally sneezed lots of glitter on a Garda and she didn’t arrest me because it was Pride, and also glitter and not snot. #UnicornSneeze



My favourite moment was probably just before I joined the parade on Church Street. I wanted to see the “head” of the parade so I waited at the side of the street and while I was filming I noticed there were so many teenagers marching.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8kothaj12s[/embedyt]


I have seen young people at Pride both here and in Italy before but I felt this year especially there was a lot more LGBT+ youth out. It made me think maybe things are really changing and young people feel free and safe to express themselves or support their friends marching at Pride. Also Mother Block After Party was so much fun!



My favourite moment of Pride was seeing the fabulous Grand Marshall, Moninne, and her equally fabulous partner, Clodagh, being driven through the city by the also fabulous Mimi.


Seeing these amazing, strong, intelligent, independent, fearless women lead the Parade in a riot of colour and noise brought on a few very proud tears. Having my 4 year old niece beside me for her first Pride made it all the more memorable.



My favourite moment was when I realised my 15 year old brother was coming up from Donegal for his first Pride! He even made Babadook confetti to throw at unsuspecting paraders.

Aoife from GCN smiling at Dublin Pride 2017 with her brother whose t-shirt says I got hot sauce in my bag

We had the best time, even if I seemed a tad more excited about it all than he was.



My favourite Pride moment was while I was watching the parade up near Stephen’s Green getting to hang out with my LGBT+ family!

There were so many people (and dogs!) wearing rainbow colours showing their support for the LGBT+ community, so many families and kids out showing that they care that it made me really appreciate the continued support of the wider community in Ireland.


What were your favourite Dublin Pride moments this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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