Tories to Repeal the Human Rights Act

tories cameron

The British Conservatives will forge ahead with plans to repeal the Human Rights Act after the Tories won a Parliamentary majority last week.


David Cameron – Britain’s Prime Minister for the next five years – has pledged to go ahead with the Tories’ plans to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with the British Bill of Rights.

tories cameron

Last year, Cameron announced the plan to scrap the Human Rights Act, along with withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights. Great.

The proposed British Bill of Rights was revealed in a previous plan and has been announced that it is not to be used in “trivial” matters – whatever that means.

It states:

“The use of the new law will be limited to cases that involve criminal law and the liberty of an individual, the right to property and similar serious matters. There will be a threshold below which Convention rights will not be engaged, ensuring UK courts strike out trivial cases. We will work with the devolved administrations and legislatures as necessary to make sure there is an effective new settlement across the UK.”


Rights advocates have denounced the plan as the Human Rights Act has been the basis of many winning LGBT cases.

Kate Allen, the head of Amnesty International, said: “Disappointing to hear the PM vowing to scrap the Human Rights Act when it has done so much good. We should be defending it.”

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