Trans £4mill Scratchcard Winner Will Not Give a Penny To Her Kids

British National Lottery winner, Melissa Ede says she will not share her winnings with the children who disowned her.

Milissa joyfully holds oversized cheque for £4 million in the air

Taxi driver, Melissa Ede won £4 million when she stopped for petrol on the way to an evening shift at work and bought a £10 scratchcard.

Since picking up her winnings, she’s spoken of how her four children, aged 19, 29, 30 and 39, will not receive a penny. She will instead return the generosity of people who financially supported her to get dental care.

Ede, who has quit her job, spoke of her plans during a press conference in Willerby, near her home city of Hull.

“I know we should all love our children unconditionally but they cut me out of their lives,” she said. “They weren’t there during my hardest times and rejected me.”

“The people who have stood by me through thick and thin — it’s payback time for them.”


Ede’s youngest son told The Mirror that it was not his parent’s transition that caused a rift in the family, but the fact that they humiliated by videos posted by Ede online, which have gone viral. In them she dances around her kitchen with various items, including bottles of mayonnaise and ketchup and chocolate bars, attached to her breasts.

“I have no problem with dad being transgender but I do with him humiliating the family like this,” Ede’s son, who wishes to remain anonymous, said.

Responding to Ede’s statement that her children would not see a penny of her lotto fortune, her son said: I would never ask for anything off him.”

Ede said in her press conference that she will use the money to help repay her YouTube subscribers who donated anything from £5 to £20 to help her get repairs for her teeth.

She also plans on having an “out of this world” wedding with fiance Rachel Nason, 37, who she met after Nason commented on her videos online.

Melissa (left) with her partner Rachel

Ede will also be leaving the single room she has occupied in a shared home for 15 years for a £500,000 house, and trading in her Ford Mondeo for a Mercedes.

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