Transparent creator is dating a woman


Jill Soloway creator of the television show Transparent is dating a female poet

Soloway announced during a recent interview with the New Yorker that she is in a relationship with poet Eileen Myles.
Whats more she says Eileen Myles inspired an upcoming storyline in the show’s second season.
The storyline shows one character falling in love with an older female professor, who Soloway says is based on Myles.
She also says the Transparent writers acquired Myles’ journals in order to make the character more believable.

“I open it up, and the first thing it says is ‘Whoever falls in love with me is in trouble,’” Soloway told the New Yorker.
“It was like she wrote to me without even knowing that I existed.”

Soloway fell for the poet as soon as they met. “We had pretty much an instant connection,” she says.

The Emmy-winning writer was previously married to music supervisor Bruce Gilbert who also works on the show and the two remain close. “We’ll always do the Jewish holidays together,” she says.

Soloway previously spoke about how the show is loosely based on the transition of her own parent from male to female.

She often refers to her own’Moppa’– a word she invented for a transgender parent.
Last month her ‘Moppa’ appeared at a White House LGBT reception where the first episode of the show’s second series was aired.

Transparent returns for a second season next month. Watch the trailer here.

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