TV Recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race 6, Ep 2


RuPaul’s Drag Race 6 started last week with a bang. This week the bang was even louder, as we met the next batch of seven queens vying to win the competition.


Enter Bianca Del Rio, Trinity K Bonet, Joselyn Fox, Magnolia Crawford (pictured above), Milk, Courtney Act and Darienne Lake. Bianca was first to arrive to the workroom and she was letting all the girls have it. Bianca is renowned for her comic put-downs and we can see why!

All the queens quickly became aware that they were arriving to a very different workroom than in past seasons. They were greeted with deflated balloons, stale cupcakes and a lipstick message declaring that they had better beware.

RuPaul declared it wasn’t about who came first but who lasted the longest. And from looking at these queens, they have what might be called longevity. One, however, looked just awful when she first appeared – Magnolia Crawford. Her wig looked like it was pealing off, her wafer-thin nose contour was crazy and her clothes just read ‘old’.

Joselyn came across as very quirky and funny. She seems like the ‘character’ of this set of queens, like Vivacious is in the first group. I can see her struggling in the competition, though. If she doesn’t concentrate on the game, she may become confused by what the judges will what from her.

Just like last week, the queens were quickly faced with their first mini-challenge, another posing test. They had to pose on a bed whilst being bombarded with pillow feathers and hot men. It did seem tame compared to last week’s challenge – the bed should have turned or something. Some girls had trouble finding their sexy and some girls, like Courtney, were naturals.

From her interviews and her entrance, I thought Trinity might be a shy one, but at the click of the camera, she became a superstar. Magnolia, on the other hand, looked uncomfortable and just wasn’t interacting well with the guys, or the camera – it was a mess. Everyone else took some good photos, but those damn feathers took complete focus in the majority of shots.

Trinity scored a win and an advantage in the main challenge. Similar to last week the queens were presented with themed party boxes. Trinity dished out the boxes and of course there was a complainer. Magnolia’s theme was ‘Hoe Down’, and she was super negative about it. Not the best impression to give to RuPaul.

Some of the girls were vague this week about what they had in store for the runway, especially Darienne, who hadn’t a clue what she was about to make. Milk however knew exactly what she wanted, and it involved a beard. Have we seen anything like that before? We haven’t, and Milk sure likes to remind us she’s out of the box. I just hope that she doesn’t go too out of the box and miss the mark completely in this competition. She could easily stand out for all the wrong reasons, though I do like that she didn’t let the other queens change her mind about the beard. It shows she knows her character and her aesthetic.

The queens hit the runway and Joselyn looked like a piñata had exploded on her outfit. It was all sorts of colour and far too much. Had she taken away some of the extras in her outfits, like the arm-band and the sandbags, it could have looked better. Magnolia looked like she didn’t want to be there. She haggardly walked the runway in a cow-skin outfit with a bow on the back. It was so lazy and her attitude about it was awful. She got defensive onstage and came across as aggressive on front of the judges. Trinity truly got into her character as a futuristic space princess. Nothing screams success like blowing smoke at the judges.

Darienne’s uncertainty about her outfit showed when she walked the runway. She wore a simple, badly-made green top with an equally disastrous black skirt. Courtney took the easy route for this task. She wore a bikini top and bottoms with a long train. If she hadn’t the body for it, she would have been in serious trouble. She didn’t sell me on her ability to be creative this week. This is disappointing considering her reputation.

Milk came out with a high fashion look, with feminine qualities despite donning a beard. Bianca won the challenge with her ‘Luau’ look. They really couldn’t critique her dress – she is a professional costume designer after all. The look was very well put together and ticked all the boxes.

The bottom two ended up being Magnolia and Darienne. Once the lip-sync began it became obvious that Magnolia was not prepared. Was this an off day for her? The poor queen wasn’t with it for the mini-challenge, she was half-assed on the runway and then she didn’t know the words to the lip sync for your life song.

Magnolia got the well-deserved boot and left the competition.

Just when we thought the show was over, we got to see the long overdue meeting of the two sets of queens. Cue the hugs celebration.

But not so much. Next week the girls will be divided into two groups to act out horror films. Will there be some rivalry between the groups?

Is the Pope a Catholic?



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