TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Final


Season six has been one of the most talented seasons of Drag Race in a while, but there were no surprises for Alan Finnegan when it came down to the winner.


And so it came to be that the remaning queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season six reunited and they were all gagging to see who would be crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar. As were we.

But, of course, we were left on tenterhooks, while RuPaul caught up with all the eliminated Drag Race contestants. Kelly Mantle and Magnolia Crawford were first up.  Kelly was all class, however Magnolia was just pretending to be blasé about the whole experience. Ru wasn’t buying it, so don’t expect to see this queen returning to the series.

Next up were Vivacious and April Carrion. Both these competitors have to make a return for Allstars. Vivacious is too quotable to just appear in one season and April has some serious potential to go far if she gets another go. Her look for the reunion was amazing.

Polar opposites Gia Gunn and Milk took to the stage together. Gia, as usual, was serving fish and Milk was showing she can do glamour. Gia tried to exude humbleness, but it wasn’t working. You can tell that Milk has become more committed to her drag, so we should see some interesting things from her in the Drag Race future.

It was time for Laganja to be real and speak candidly about her time on Drag Race and we got the usual MAMA talk. Disappointing.

Trinity spoke about how Drag Race made her more confident and taught her to trust her abilities. She was the one who I think really grew most from the show.

Finally, Ru met the last of the eliminated queens: Joslyn Fox, BendelaCreme and Darienne Lake. Joslyn was her usual bubbly self, BendelaCreme lapped up attention from the audience. She really made an impact this season.

This of course forced an apology from Darienne. Well, it seemed forced to me, but maybe I’m too cynical.

And we got to meet the Drag Race Season Six final three again, making a spectacular entrance.

All three filled us in on their lives since the show. Adore is dropping an album and her music video ‘D.T.F’ is on YouTube now. Courtney is travelling the world with Chaz Bono at her side. And Bianca has been dealing with the aftermath of being outed as a nice bitch.

Before the crowning of the winner, Miss Congeniality was revealed. It was BendelaCreme – no shock there. They really had to give to her since she was kicked out when up against Darienne, who sailed through most challenges.

RuPaul gave us a quick reminder of her new ordained powers by marrying Joslyn and her fiancé. They really killed us with this fluff before revealing the winner. It was hard not to push the fast-forward button.

When winner was finally announced, it was no shock.

Bianca del Rio snatched the sceptre out of Jinkx’s hands, ready to reign. She really did deserve it. She had all the skills and personality to win this competition from the start.

And so another season ends, and what a talented bunch of queens we met. While we we wait for season seven, many of the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race will visit the Dragon this summer. See you there!

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