WATCH: 'Call Your Father' Explores Differences Between Gay Daters Of Different Generations

In 'Call Your Father', director Jordan Firstman put himself in the shoes of both generations

A still from the film call your father with two men looking at each other intensely at night with lights in the background

Jordan Firstman’s new short film Call Your Father dives into the expectation within the gay and bi community that men of different generations can surmount their vast differences.

“There’s an ocean of difference between people who lived through AIDS and people who didn’t,” Firstman said.

“We’re all expected to understand each other, but with straight people there isn’t that expectation – old and young straight people aren’t expected to get each other.”


Opposite Extremes

The film, which stars Firstman as Josh, the twenty-something you’re going to love to hate, is written taking the extremes of both younger and older generations and making them cohabit on screen.

“I always think it’s fun to write really outspoken, annoying characters with deep insecurity and loneliness issues,” Firstman told Out.

I do think of it as a love letter to the older generation of gay men

Josh is “an amalgamation of people I know from the Internet, and people saying true things that are real with such a lack of empathy.”

“I thought older gay men might be offended by [the film], but I think a lot of them were happy to see themselves onscreen like this,” Firstman mused.

“I do think of it as a love letter to the older generation of gay men.”


Flawed People

While Firstman is aware of films that actively seek to be political or give power to gay people, he wanted his short to represent something different.

“One thing I want to do with all my work, but especially with Call Your Father is make a gay film that isn’t about the struggle and isn’t about empowerment. It’s just a story about flawed gay people.”

Firstman recounts that a friend told him: “It’s just sad to see a middle-aged person be that real.”

You can check out the short film below:

Who do you identify with most, Josh or Greg?

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