Watch: Gay Play 'BRB' Now Available On DVD

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‘BRB’, a one-act play about four teenagers in their final year of secondary school, premiered at the 10th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in May of 2013. Now, it is available on DVD.


With a six-night run at the James Joyce Centre, BRB went on to tour during the summer of 2013, playing to audiences in Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Waterford, as well as video presentations in the United Kingdom.

Jessie, from JKirby Productions writes, “BRB is a one-act play about four teenagers in their final year of secondary school, whose social groups and lives are torn apart by a secret love affair between two girls. It looks at important and often under-addressed issues such as bullying, homophobia, academic pressure, love, youth depression and suicide, which is an especially relevant topic at the moment in the UK.

“In December, 2013, BRB was professionally filmed, and is now ready for viewing. Our hope is to bring the DVD into secondary schools, youth groups, mental health organizations and more in the UK & Ireland, to provide a creative and interactive way for young people to discuss their own issues and build stronger peer support groups. ”

Watch the trailer for BRB below.

BRB Trailer from BRB The Play on Vimeo.

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