Neil Francis: "Gay People Have No Interest In Sport"

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Former Irish rugby international Neil Francis caused controversy yesterday when he claimed that gay people “have very little interest in sport” because “it is too manly.”


Speaking to presenter Joe Molloy on Newstalk’s Off The Ball, the 49 year-old retired Irish player was asked his opinion on athletes coming out. In response, he said that gay people have no interest in sport, and that he thinks less than 1% of sports players are gay. He added, “As a sportsman, you don’t like ballet.”

Francis continued to draw on gay stereotypes, saying “If you did a survey of the hairdressing industry, how many heterosexuals work in that? Gay men don’t play sport because it is too manly.”

Speaking about the Olympics in Sochi, he said he was not watching the games because he believes that Russia’ anti-gay laws are overshadowing the sporting events. He said, “[I’m] sick and tired of, y’know, sort of picking up, y’know angles on whether the Russians have an anti-gay policy or not. It’s about the Olympics or not, and the side issue has just put me off.”

Francis predicted that his comments may not be popular, but said, “I’m here. I’m going to express an opinion.”

Twitter immediately blew up with people condemning the former Irish rugby player’s comments.




Gay hurler Conor Cusack tweeted a brilliant response to Neil Francis,

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