Watch: Irish Singer's Panti Inspired Tune


Listen to Darren Yorke’s clever, funny and powerful musical homage to the incredible national treasure, Panti.


Longford man Darren says, “I have recently written a song inspired by PantiGate, and more specifically Panti’s ‘Feck off out of my life’ attitude to the unspoken homophobia in Ireland. It’s a song that really moved me in the process of writing it. Gay Pride has always been a tough one for me, and it wasn’t until the summer gone past that I felt completely comfortable within myself (within reason, considering the society we live in).

“I do consider myself one of the lucky ones. Within Dublin, there is a bubble of bravery and ease, in contrast to anywhere else in (particularly rural) Ireland. I wrote this song out of frustration at life, last summer. The first half. The second half brings it back to the actual struggle that I, and any members of the LGBT community, face in everyday life. The quality of the recording itself is atrocious, compared to the production values I would like to have on it, but I do feel the writing and the message come across in the lyric music video.”

Have a listen below.

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