Hillary Clinton Listens To Gay Dad Talk Adoption

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton has released a new short campaign video in which she features a gay dad who speaks about adopting his daughter.


On what is called her “listening tour”, Clinton is travelling the state of Iowa, and releasing videos in which voters speak to her about important issues.

“I was thrilled when you recently urged the Supreme Court to rule in favour of marriage equality,” Mike Yowell said in the video, “I was like, ‘That’s our gal!’”

Yowell spoke to the Presidential candidate about his adoptive daughter, a girl from an underprivileged background, who he adopted with his partner in the 80s.

He explained that they had been told that their daughter would probably not graduate high school due to her “rough upbringing”.

Yowell then went on to reveal that his daughter now has a Bachelor’s Degree and is a teacher.

In a video launching her Presidential campaign last week, the Democratic hopeful featured a range of Americans discussing their plans for the future, including Jared Milrad and his partner who spoke about their plans to marry.

When Yowell went on to say he was proud of his daughter and her accomplishments, Clinton enthusiastically revealed. “I am proud of you!”

Hillary Clinton, last week, revealed her support for the federal legislation of same-sex marriage.

Watch the video below:

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