Watch: Riyadh K's Powerful Plea For Marriage Equality

Irish Youtube star, Riyadh K, takes a more serious tone in his latest video - as he passionately calls for a Yes vote.

Riyadh Khalaf on South Great George's Street

Irish Youtube star, Riyadh K, is known for making his mum read Grindr messages and calling up the Westboro Baptist Church. But now, almost a month until voting day, he released a powerful plea for marriage equality.

Watch as he walks through the streets of Dublin, telling his own story of how he has been bullied and abused because of his sexuality. An experience which is all too common among LGBT people.

“Second class citizens cleverly tossed aside by society and the state. Prevented from giving blood – because ours is ‘dirty’,” he says.

“To take a lover’s hand in marriage, or to simply hold it in public, is something that could drown us in fear of attack. To marry the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, the one you want to grow old with is not a privilege, it’s a human right”

“A Yes vote would mean that those isolated kids would be able to have the same dreams and aspirations of love as their mother, father, sister or brother.”

“I don’t want to get down on one knee and ask my soulmate for a civil partnership – I want to ask them to marry me.”

“Our love has the same meaning, value and importance as anyone else’s.”

Well said, Riyadh!

Watch the full video below – and make sure to vote on May 22.


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