WATCH: JoJo Siwa reveals she has a girlfriend who supported her coming out

Jojo Siwa spoke to Jimmy Fallon about her decision to come out last month telling him about her "perfect" long-distance girlfriend.

Jojo Siwa girlfriend

Singer, dancer and Nickolodeon star JoJo Siwa, who was hailed a queer icon when she came out on social media last month, spoke to Jimmy Fallon about her “perfect” girlfriend.

JoJo Siwa 17, gushed about her ‘wonderful, perfect, most beautiful’ girlfriend saying that with her encouragement and support, she felt able to come out publically.

In January following much speculation due to her appearance in a Pride House LA TikTok video.

JoJo joined Pride house residents Mollee Gray, Jeka Jane, Garrett Clayton and Kent Boyd as they performed a dance to Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun’.

The video has now been viewed over 10 million times with fans exclaiming their excitement at the collab.

The caption “now you’re one of us” sent the rumour mill into overdrive with many speculating that it referred to JoJo possibly coming out.

Siwa told Fallon that she quickly realised that her collaboration with Pride House LA was “going to out” her:

“I don’t really mind, because it is true,” she said. “I have the most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world, it’s not something I’m ashamed of, it’s just something I haven’t shown the internet yet.”

JoJo went on: “So they posted that and people started commenting to me ‘is this you coming out, what is this?’ I thought, you know what? I can either mess with them and tease them a little bit, I either confirm it because it is true, or I can do nothing about it and just leave it there.”

Her colloboration with Pride House LA was quickly followed by a video on her own TikTok where Siwa lip-syncs the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’.

She told Fallon: “I thought I just want to do a TikTok to ‘Born This Way’, because yeah it’s true right away and it’s okay. So I did this TikTok to ‘Born This Way’ and everyone was like ‘woah, this is her coming out, this is the moment’.”

Siwa then tweeted a picture of a t-shirt which read ‘Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever’ confirming the rumours.

“I was on FaceTime with my girlfriend – this is after I posted the Born This Way TikTok- and we were just talking about it and the love that come in, and we were both like technically I still haven’t confirmed it.

“And, so, I was like I kind of want to post this picture on my real Instagram story and she was like ‘do it’ and I was like ‘alright’ and I did it.’

Siwa told Jimmy that coming out “can be a scary thing.

“Some people aren’t going to be able to accept it right now, but so many people are going to be able to accept it right now.

“And I say even there are a million people that don’t accept it, there’s 100 million that do, so keep that in mind.”

She continued: “So after I posted it I was like ‘alright I did it’ back to FaceTime with her… I was talking to her and was like you know what I realised? How much of a risk that was.

“And she asked why and I said “Technically it was a really big risk posting that… but if I lost everything that I’ve created because of being myself and because of loving who I want to love I don’t want it.

“If I can’t love who I want to love, that’s one of the most important things to me.”

While she has now confirmed that she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she explained that she’s not ready to put a label on her sexuality yet.

“I have thought about this, and the reason why I’m not ready to say this answer is because I don’t really know this answer,” Jojo explained.

She said: “I always believed that my person was just going to be my person. If that person happened to be a boy, great! And if that person happened to be a girl, great! I think I’m just really happy. I think in life you know when you meet your person, I really do.”

Watch Jojo Siwa speak to Jimmy Fallon about coming out, her girlfriend and more below.

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