WATCH: Older Gays Raise Valid Point About New Gay Slang

Older gays were schooled in the art of new gay slang but they don't seem very enthused by this whole new world.

old gays learn new slang

Into have made our favourite video on the internet today. The video features 3 wonderful older gay men as they try new gay slang.

Bill, Robert and Mick were told an array of what would be considered recently developed gay slang terms and they had to guess what each meant.

Many of the phrases derive from RuPaul’s Drag Race to which Bill says “is my gay card gonna be taken away because I don’t watch RuPaul?”

After a few more colloquialisms and three or four more RuPaul clips, they had a look of disappointment with Bill saying “I think you guys are watching too much RuPaul…” to which Robert adds “is that typical of all gays today?”.

The three raise an interesting point about the appropriation of drag culture as LGBT+ culture.

Have we lost some of our subversiveness and integrity by so heavily basing our culture on a reality tv programme?

LGBT+ culture is a rich melting pot that maybe we sometimes fail to explore because we are so blinkered by the glitz and glam of programmes like RuPaul.

Drag Race culture may be indicative of a certain strain of LGBT+ culture but have we somehow missed a trick in leaning on the slang and culture associated with that world while failing to nurture and develop our own Irish LGBT+ culture?

Their candidness and openness in this video do some good in bursting the RuPaul bubble for 6 minutes.

What do you think? Watch the video and comment below!

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