Watch: Passionate Dancers Perform Beautiful Choreography In Homage To Orlando Victims

Male dancers in passionate performance paying homage to Orlando victims

Two dancers perform a beautifully choreographed piece to pay homage to Orlando victims


This intimate, contemporary dance in homage to Orlando victims performed by two male dancers conjures the perfect blend of passion and love. The track by X Ambassadors they dance to, Unsteady, is emotive and engaging, and fits perfectly with the sentiment of the choreography.

The two men meet in a cafe, sitting down together, anticipation builds as they stand up together, faces touching before the dance begins in the cafe emptied of furniture and people.

Choreographed by Tyce Diorio, the dance evinces love, compassion, lust and support as the performers intertwine and use each other as props in their routine.

“Hold on to me, because I’m a little unsteady,” the lyrics of the chorus, understood through the lens of a post-Orlando world, capture the vulnerability that the LGBT community feels, asking the world to support us in our fight for acceptance and equality across the globe.

This is one of many tributes paid to Orlando victims like J-Lo’s new track, and the collaborative song ‘Hands’ featuring Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Pink and more.

Watch the dance below:


The Orlando mass-shooting of 12 June 2016 saw forty-nine killed and fifty-three injured as a result of a single gunman who entered Pulse nightclub in Florida, US.

While speculation about the motivations behind the attack have been made based on reports that the gunman may have been gay, it remains unclear if it was related to religious fundamentalism and a possible connection with ISIS or internalised homophobia taken to an extreme level were at the root of this tragedy.


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