WATCH: Pixie Woo Gets Sequin-Chic In New Makeup Tutorial 'Pixie Paints'

Learn how Pixie Woo transforms from punk boy to glam drag queen in 'Pixie Paints'

A cartoon drawing of pixie woo in a purple wig holding a paintbrush with the words pixie paints beside her in pink

In Pixie Paints: Ep 1, Pt 1, Dublin drag queen Pixie Woo teaches aspiring queens how to correctly prep and apply the base layers of makeup to create a contoured look.

You may know her from Dublin’s gay scene as the glamorous queen who won Paul Ryder’s Ringmaster’s Drag Race, but in this video tutorial, you’ll get to meet her alter ego, makeup artist Michael Ryan, as he transforms into a drag queen, right before your eyes.

His self-deprecating humour shines through in the first episode of Pixie Paints, with some incredible one-liners that expose the slightly less than glamorous underbelly of dragging up.

Pixie Woo has created some gorgeous, iconic looks over the years, and in Pixie Paints, she’ll be teaching the world to recreate them, in an easy to follow guide.

Her first look, something she fondly refers to as “Sequin Sally”, is one part sequin queen, one part goth chick, and one part ’80s mullet, making it an ensemble that perfectly represents the varied sources of inspiration for Pixie’s looks.

Bursting onto the Dublin drag scene circa 2011, Pixie Woo has gone from wigless wonder serving vodka shots at PrHomo to an official server of fish!

Her looks and makeup have matured a lot in the last six years, with a clear evolution in style visible from punk androgyny to a feminine (but still edgy) beauty.

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Pixie featured in the viral video which saw Dublin drag mothers transform three men into drag queens and in The Man Behind The Mascara, a short exposé where Michael Ryan talks about his first experiences with drag and his inspiration.

Years later, Pixie continues to be inspired by the idea of storytelling and crafting a character using makeup, costume, and hair.

“I suppose still to this day the thing that drives me to do drag, isn’t so much the performance aspect, although I do like [that], it’s more the makeup and the creative process behind it,” Pixie said.

Check out Pixie Paints: Ep 1, Pt 1 below:

To see how she pulls the look together, stay tuned for Pixie Paints Ep 1, Pt 2, coming soon!

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