WATCH: Trans models make history with naked anti-fur campaign

Benjamin Melzer and Loiza Lamers have made history by becoming the first to trans models to bare all for the ‘I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ for PETA Campaign.

Trans Models Naked PETA

“When you really think about it, the trans community and PETA have a lot of the same goals.”

The beautiful Melzer and Lamers have made history with their contributions to the PETA Campaign, raising awareness for both trans and anmial rights.

Benjamin was the first transgender man to ever make it on to the cover of Men’s Health magazine. His first collaboration with fellow trans female model, Lozia, was for Diesel, raising awareness for equal opportunities for transgender models in the fashion industry.

Dutch born, Loiza Lamers is best known for being the winner of the 10th cycle of Holland’s Next Top Model, and the first transgender winner of the global Top Model franchise.

Trans models naked

“Ben and I have always been firm believers that cruelty towards animals and the use of fur, especially in the fashion industry, is terrible, outdated and unnecessary,” Lamers told “The campaign came about after we had a conversation about the subject and decided to reach out to PETA. They got it right away and we started putting [together] the concept for the ad.”

According to Melzer: ““It means everything… How can we as members of the LGBTQ community want the world to acknowledge and respect us but stand by and let such a hurtful, inhumane practice in our industry continue without speaking out? That would make us hypocrites.

“When you really think about it, the trans community and PETA have a lot of the same goals. Love and respect should be for all. It’s that simple.”

We totes agree.

Watch the gorgeous behind the scenes video of the shoot below.


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