Galway Pride Take Over @Ireland Twitter Account

Galway Pride has taken over the @Ireland Twitter account this week.

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Galway Pride have taken over the @Ireland twitter account for the week, coinciding with the county’s Pride festival which runs from August 7 – 13.

Tweeting from the account is Galway Pride chair Rob Partridge, who is (self) described as having ‘Pecs like dinner plates, heart of lion, waist of 2 rugby players’.


The Ireland twitter handle – run by ‘Irish’ American website, Irish Central – is currated by a different user each week, with the intention of highlighting Ireland’s diversity.

“By sharing people’s experiences and lives with the world, project custodians WorldIrish believe @Ireland can help to further connect Ireland to the world and the world to Ireland through the different voices that curate the account each week,” reads an explanatory piece on Irish Central.


In the past the @Ireland twitter has been the focus of atttention for less than positive reasons. In 2016, Michelle Marie, a gay mother, blogger and black English woman suffered “non-stop hate” when she took over the account in August of last year.

Trolls attacked plus-sized model Marie’s weight, ethnicity, sexual orientation and questioned her suitability as an English person to run the @Ireland account.

In 2015, the account was taken over by members of the HomeToVote campaign – which encouraged Irish emigrants to come home in order to cast a vote in the Marriage Equality referendum – and was innundated with feel-good stories in the lead up to the decisive May 22 vote.

You can follow the Twitter action here.

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