Watch: Two US Country Stars Come Out

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American country singers, Billy Gilman and Ty Herndon have come out as gay men.


52 year-old country singer Ty Herndon came out in a People Magazine interview last Thursday, and in doing so, inspired another young country star to do the same.

For Ty Herndon, the ‘coming out’ process has been a long one. At 10, he wondered if he may be gay, and at aged 20 he came out to close family and friends. But it was last Thursday, at the age of 52, that Herndon publicly came out to the world. The Nashville singer revealed to the magazine that he is a proud gay man.

“I’m an out, proud and happy gay man,” he told People Magazine on Thursday. He has been with his partner Matt since 2008. He said why he felt it was time to speak of his life to the rest of the world:

“During an Anthony Robbins seminar, I realised I had an incredible story that could possibly help someone’s son or daughter or grandchild’s life not be as difficult as mine has been. […] Maybe they wouldn’t have to go through as much pain and suffering. It’s time to tell my truth.”

On Thursday, after Herndon’s revelation, Billy Gilman found it was time for he came out too, and he did so in a youtube video on Thursday evening.

In the video, Gilman said, “It’s pretty silly to know that I’m ashamed of doing this, knowing that because I’m in an genre and industry that is ashamed of me for being me.” Gilman said he and his partner of five months were photographed together recently by a reporter and he decided to tell his fans because he thought they should hear he is gay from him first.

This follows Vicky Beeching, Christian rock star, who came out as a lesbian earlier this year. At the time, she revealed that she endured isolation and exorcisms in an attempt to banish her same-sex attraction.

See Billy Gilman’s coming out youtube video below:

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