Willam Spills Epic Behind The Scenes Drag Race T

After the most gag worthy exit RuPaul’s Drag Race has ever seen, Willam finally lets fans in on what went down. It was worth waiting for.

Drag queen Willam holds slice of cake with rainbow colours in its sponge

Rejoice, Drag Race fans, comedian and Olympics superfan Leslie Jones has finally succeeded where countless others have failed – she got Willam to explain just what the hell went on backstage to cause that legendary, gag worthy (well, Willam did throw up) disqualification. Oh, and if you were wondering if it was really that big of a deal, well – It. Is. Awesome.

Live tweeting her first viewing (first viewing!) of Season 4 with the hashtag #season4shutupiknowimlate, Jones flat out refused to be kept in the dark over the jaw dropper. “It’s been 5 years, y’all can’t tell me! Wtf?!” Oh, we know, Leslie, we know.

Who would have guessed it, straight from My Little Pony’s mouth – the drag rebel not only enlightened Leslie on the elimination, but took the opportunity to scald the show with a tidal wave of hot hot T. And you wondered why she was never asked back for All Stars!

Before revealing all about the disqualification, (you’ve waited 5 years, what’s another 5 minutes), let’s discuss some of the other juicy bits. The queens, along with the rest of the staff were told “Not to make eye contact or engage in conversation with Ru”. So far, so Diana Ross, but it was the producers treatment of Jiggly that really annoyed.

“In Untucked I complained about them emotionally exploiting Jiggly on the anniversary of her Mom’s passing…I felt they were manipulating Jig with messages from home from her brother on a specific day like that.”



Now, Drag Race wasn’t always the all encompassing world dominating glam super show it is today, so the revelation that the producers tried to feed a cast of 12 with $75 dollars until Latrice and Chad kicked off, might be slightly understandable, but the tidbits about Shangela having glass picked out of her back with tweezers on set and Kenya Michaels being injured by glass props are a lot less palatable.



There’s a veritable orange grove of juicy bits in there, but saving the best for last, in her own words, here’s the real reason Willam got the chop – “Last day of S4 filming after coming back from NYC, Untucked’s producer (the Brit I hated) and I fucked. Big reality TV no-no. I remember Visage mouthing at me ‘What are you doing”, cuz she is friends with my husband (we were open). So we went to the bathroom for privacy, fucked in a stall, then got pulled out the bathroom by security after (It was quick but good + HUNG). As we’re being ushered out, he throws a glass at Raven on stage. She pointed to us and said ‘Them – out’. Other World Of Wonder staff was crowding around trying to damage control cuz the Brit and I were a mess and all eyes were on the fracas.”

So much for the supposed conjugal visits with the husband!

As if all that weren’t enough, there was one more skyscraper’s shadow of shade just waiting to be thrown. Check out Willam’s reply to this fan’s tweet.




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