Young Gay Man From Carlow Melts Our Hearts On First Dates Ireland

18 year-old Tadgh gave us all the feels on last night's 'First Dates Ireland' when he talked about how he sometimes feels lonely as a gay man.

Tadgh from First Dates Ireland talking to producers.

A young student from Carlow captured our hearts and smashed them into a million pieces when he talked about his struggles as a young gay man in Ireland on last night’s episode of First Dates Ireland.

18 year-old Tadgh was paired up with 18 year-old Zack from Offaly and the two discussed what it is like for them being young gay men in Ireland.

Tadgh melted our hearts when he began to talk about how he had never had a romantic relationship and how he sometimes can feel lonely.

“Ya, I do. It usually just happens after a night out.

“You just get in such a pit of loneliness and you’re like, oh my God, like, genuinely am I worth anything?

“It’s not possible to say all the time, ‘I’m proud to be gay’, it’s not possible, cause there are moments when you’re like, why.

“It’s taking me a while to be able to talk to lads, even straight lads.”

Tadgh added, “I am proud of who I am, I am really proud of my personality and I am proud of being gay, but it’s not the main thing about me. Me as a person, Tadhg, is who I am.”

People on social media were quick to praise the 18 year-old, with one person writing on Twitter, “Tadhg doing Carlow proud on #FirstDatesIRL I’m blown away by how self-aware and courageous he is for such a young man.”

Meanwhile, others expressed their urgent desire to make the ADORABLE young man happy:

Tadgh also explained how he dressed in drag for a secondary school show and got the “chaypest red dress from Penneys”, and Twitter was so here for it.

After their date, the two agreed to go on another date, saying that they “had a lot in common”, and we could not be more thrilled!

First Dates Ireland is on RTÉ 2 on Thursday nights at 9.30pm.

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