First Trans Woman To Appear On Tonight's First Dates Ireland

Dublin-based writer and model Laylah Beattie will appear on First Dates Ireland in the hopes of finding love on what is her first ever blind date.

Laylah Beatty holding a bunch of flowers on First Dates Ireland

One of this week’s hopefuls on First Dates Ireland is Laylah Beattie, who is a Dublin-based writer and model with Fraser modelling agency.

Beattie is currently undergoing a gender transition while modelling and writing about about mental health, harassment of LGBT+ citizens, body image, dating and life for a gender non-conforming citizen.

She posts videos discussing a range of different issues on her YouTube channel and has appeared in our list of queer Irish to watch in 2018.


Laylah told Her that she had a very positive experience on the programme.

“The show was so accommodating. When I applied I was aware that no trans people had appeared before so I had doubts about whether they’d be willing to try find me a match.

“But it was so lovely to be able to go on a normal date and I hope that doing it so publically will make an impact.”


Last year, Laylah appeared on the Late Late Show where she shared what drives her to share her story:

“The ultimate goal for me would be to help someone, if my story could help someone then that’s brilliant.”

Laylah decided to begin transitioning when she was 18, on realising her true self she said: “I think in my head I kind of knew I was transgender but I had accepted that I was going to live a life as a gay male and that was going to be my road and I would be unhappy but that was what I was going to do.

“It was kind of when I watched Caitlyn Jenner and when transgender issues came into the media so heavily. Once I researched it and I saw you could have a good life, your family don’t abandon you, you can live a true life to yourself which I felt very comfortable doing.”

Watch First Dates Ireland tonight on RTE2 at 9.30PM

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