YouTube Issues Apology To LGBT+ Community

In a series of tweets, on the last day of Pride month, YouTube issued an apology to the LGBT+ community and content creators. The tweets come after months of criticism regarding demonetization of LGBT+ videos and anti-LGBT ads.

YouTube Apology to LGBT+ Community

YouTube released a series of tweets on June 30th, the last day of Pride month, issuing an apology to LGBT+ Youtubers and fans.

The company took to Twitter in a four-part post saying “we’re sorry and we want to do better”.

The first tweet said, “It’s the last day of Pride Month and we wanted to reach out to the LGBTQ community,” they wrote on the social media platform. “We’re proud of the incredible LGBTQ voices on our platform and the important role you play in the lives of young people.”

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They went on to acknowledge the past criticism they’ve received regarding the monetization policy for LGBT+ content creators and the anti-LGBT ads that appeared before videos.

YouTube said they are taking steps to correct and improve their current policies.

They finished with a final tweet saying, “It’s critical to us that the LGBTQ community feels safe, welcome, equal, and supported on YouTube. Your work is incredibly powerful and we are committed to working with you to get this right.”

The day before the company tweeted their apology, they promoted Pride Live, an event sponsored partly by GLAAD.

In the past, Youtube created a filter that blocked LGBT+ content, they later apologized.

Youtubers have also criticized the platform for homophobic ads that appeared before videos. Creators also learned their videos would have ads removed and be demonetized if specific words were used in titles such as “transgender”.

Many who replied to the Twitter thread called out the company for their policies targetting the queer community and didn’t take the apology seriously. They were quick to point out that the tweets don’t outline any plan of action or serious change.

Others are more hopeful. They believe that with enough support and encouragement, YouTube will get it right this time.

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