11 amazing queer DIY Halloween costumes to get you inspired

Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween this year? We're here to suggest 11 crafty DIY Halloween costumes to inspire you.

Split screen of samples of DIY Halloween costumes: Squid Games characters on far left, Elvria on left, Lil Nas X on right, Cruella on far right

The spooky season is finally upon us and with it, we bring you a guide of 11 DIY amazing queer costumes that you can create yourself with a few simple pieces, and a whole lot of creativity, to have you looking fab for Halloween 2021.

1. Lil Nas X from Call Me By Your Name

True, there is a whole wardrobe of looks showcased by Lil Nas X in just this music video alone, but the most iconic and recognisable has got to be the ensemble (or lack thereof) during his lapdance for Satan.

All you need is thigh-high black boots, black and white patterned boxers and, well, that bod.

Admittedly, the red dreads are a big part of the look so if you can source a red wig, that would complete the costume in full, but some wash-in-wash-out red hair dye would also get the point across nicely.

2. The Halloween Queen herself, Elvira

The Mistress of the Dark is as topical as ever, and her look is a truly iconic one… but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable for us mere mortals.

To get that signature Elvira vibe, all you’ll need is a long black dress, preferably with cleavage to spare, and a skillfully styled black wig. The rest is all in the makeup and the attitude. (Don’t forget the black nails and that blood-red lip!)

3. Wanda/Scarlet Witch from Wandavision


This one may seem intimidating to Halloween DIYers because let’s be real, Wanda’s look is fierce and bold and perfectly styled by a team of professionals. But the look is so widely recognised that it means you don’t have to worry too much about the details.

If you can get your hands on any strappy red top, a red cape and a long red wig, with the addition of a DIY red headpiece (using cardboard, paint and perhaps an old headband), you are good to go as Wanda herself. Extra points if you get red glovelettes (or make some out of socks or tights) and red contact lenses.

4. Gottmik from RuPaul’s Drag Race

Midshot of Gottmik from RuPaul's Drag Race during her entrance look

Gottmik made waves on Season 13 of Drag Race and secured her spot in the top four in part due to her legendary looks. There’s a whole season of looks to choose from, but really all you need to pull off a Gottmik look is the flawless paint job.

Mik’s signature look is all in the white ‘clown’ foundation, bold black lip and thin arched eyebrows. Once you’ve got that down, you can wear any fabulous ensemble you want, but from the neck up you’ll be Gottmik all over.

5. Squid Game hosts

Squid Game hosts

A red jumpsuit, black boots, belt and gloves, and a ski mask with a circle, triangle or square painted over the forehead. Need I say more? This costume is one we expect to see a lot of this year as the chilling Netflix show continues to grow in popularity.

Side-note: if you’ve got a Salvador Dali mask handy, this red jumpsuit could also be used as a costume of any of the main characters from another Netflix show, Money Heist.

6. Cruella

Once you’ve got the half-and-half hair, the sky is the limit with Cruella costumes. There are so many interpretations of the iconic Disney character that there’s room for a whole lot of artistic license with this one. You could do for a classic dalmatian print (easily made with white clothing and black fabric paint) or any other black and white outfit.

If you’re looking for a more makeup heavy costume, may we suggest the Emma Stone smudged black sooty look with the words ‘The Future’ spelled out across her face? Complete with red glittery lips, talk about making a statement.

If you’re super detail-focused, add a cigarette holder and you’re all set.

7. Damien from Mean Girls

DIY halloween costume ideas: Tall teenage boy wearing blue hoodie and sunglasses stands a foot above crowd of teenage girls

Speaking of beloved characters, this one’s a classic and a simple one at that!

All you need to be Damien from Mean Girls is a big blue hoodie and a pair of sunglasses. If you feel like that’s not enough, add a sign that says ‘She doesn’t even go here!’ and this costume will be sure to win you lots of laughs.

8. Megan Broomfield from But I’m a Cheerleader!

DIY Halloween costume ideas:Young blond girl wearing a pink shirt and cardigan with long blond hair looks to her right

When Megan gets sent to a therapy camp to ‘cure her’ of her lesbianism it, in fact, does the exact opposite. The outfit she wears at the camp is easy to fake; find yourself a pink shirt, pink skirt and some girly pink hair clips and you’re there.

9. Rose Quartz from Steven Universe

Wide shot of Rose Quartz from Steven Universe

This one is super fun and fairly simple if you just get the two keys pieces down: a long pink wig and a flowy white dress (an opportunity to re-wear an old wedding dress, perhaps?).

Once you’ve got those two key ingredients, all you have to do is make the rose quartz gem to affix to the front of the dress (this could be easily made out of cardboard or even papier-mâché for those of you who are extra crafty!). Just don’t forget to do the sultry voice when you’re dressed as Rose.

10. David Bowie

This can work for almost anyone. Accomplished simply with a blue and red lightning bolt across the face, some lovely quaffed hair and a bodysuit or leotard of any colour. Then BAM you represent this iconic image with a relatively easy costume!

11. Your own Instagram profile

A woman dressed as her own Instagram account

What better queer to be this Halloween than your beautiful self?

All you need to do is replicate the outfit, accessories and/or makeup from one of your favourite selfies you posted online, and craft yourself an Instagram frame out of cardboard. This costume allows you to recreate one of your favourite of your own looks and it’s super handy for those of us on a budget.

And there you have it! Our quick guide to some awesome DIY costumes for our fellow queers this Halloween.

Did we miss any? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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