38 thoughts I had while watching Queens of Captivity with my family

Every Thursday, the Queens of Captivity turns it out in unexpected ways and so it was an absolute blast watching this incredible show alongside my family.

Stills from the Queens of Captivity show where Victoria Secret holds hand up to the camera and Davina Devine is unbothered

Queens of Captivity is difficult to describe, in short, it can be summed up as a rough around the edges, work with what you got, all-out drag show – but that only scratches the surface. So when I sat down to watch the competition on Thursday night with my family, I had no way of telling them what was in store because I did not fully know myself. 

Before we even talked about the drag queens in the room, it was all hands on deck trying to get Queens of Captivity up on the TV in the absence of a Chrome cast. Thanks to modern technology, we finally succeeded. The ingenuity of legendary drag artists Victoria Secret and Davina Devine streaming the show live got high praises from my mam – broadcast TV is shaking!

Gathering around in our sitting room, there was excitement and curiosity over what to expect as the performances kicked off. For my sister and dad, this was going to be their first-ever drag show. It’s strange that their introduction to the fabulous world of drag would take place in lockdown, yet this show turned out to be exactly what everyone needed during this time.


Here are some of my thoughts while watching Queens of Captivity with my family:

  1. Straight out of the gate, we are looking for Chanel – also explaining why we are looking for an African grey parrot to my family.
  2. The family is taking interior designing tips from Victoria and Davina’s stunning sitting rooms. Expecting to see a lot more fairy lights in the future. 
  3. Davina’s tin whistle skills have left sixth-year music class in the dust. When are we getting Davina’s straight to DVD tin whistle tutorial?
  4. Mam and sister have broken out into a sing-along of the Vengaboys.
  5. After Davina’s wig slippage, me and the family have started discussing the various wig terminology. Lessons in wig snatching 101.
  6. Drinking game rules have been set. Don’t think any of us are ready.
  7. Victoria is giving free the nipple realness with her no boobs look tonight. 
  8. Up first, welcome to the digital stage, Moonlit Sky. Took us a while to figure out the washing up in the background was part of her set. But once things got rolling, we lived for the story.
  9. Moonlit literally came to serve fish. Or I think that was fish in the frying pan. And she just gave us all a heart attack with the surprise person jumping out from underneath the table.
  10. Me and the family have become a full-on judging panel for this competition. We are figuring out point systems, what way are we marking people, what are we looking out for. When did this become the Olympics? 
  11. Moonlit got good reactions from the family. Everyone loved the creativity. Although what’s with the sausages?
  12. Naomi Diamond has come to slay. Absolutely here for this Raining Men mash-up. 
  13. Wait, is he going to throw that bucket of water?
  14. Oh, they really did that. What an incredible performance. 
  15. Púca came to say, “Not today, chair. Not today.”
  16. Mam immediately picks up on the Celine Dion/Eurovision song. Me and my sister have no idea what she is talking about. 
  17. Kai Jupiter teaching the family about Club Kids today. 
  18. Kai’s makeup skills are incredible. The Judas reveal was a nice touch to tie it all together. 
  19. Davina and Victoria speaking about missing the interactions from audiences and being on the stage hits hard. 
  20. Mitzii Qweenly was an instant favourite for the family. Her personality shines throughout her appearance on the Queens of Captivity. 
  21. Need to have ‘Mess of a wig, mess of a life’ crocheted onto a pillow cause what a great motto to go by. 
  22. The lipsync was phenomenal, very well done and the heels showed up to make some points.
  23. Also, love that Twitter went into full detective mode over whether she had a Daniel O’Donnell calendar. Might we be seeing future merch from Mitzii around this iconic mystery?
  24. After competing in the past shows, Clio is here to speak about Jesus. Taking us all the way to Church with this performance. A family favourite from the night. 
  25. An iceberg up ahead but Divalicious ain’t going down that easy. With props galore, this performance sold the ocean heart fantasy. 
  26. These returning drag artists are not playing around. They have both crafted sharp stories and delivered them flawlessly. 
  27. Although, my sister is still a massive fan of Naomi. 
  28. The point system has gone on out the window. These drag artists are so talented, bringing such unique perspectives and performance style.  
  29. #COQ. Dizzy’s Isolation Disco get’s a great shoutout, definitely going to be checking it out next.
  30. So that’s what they mean by Stacy’s Mom got it going on. Her facial expressions are delivering this mashup for your nerves.
  31. Britney Spears save us.
  32. Kay Dee has made a return to drag with a glitter explosion. Yaaas! Great song choice with the Waking Up in Vegas, we were all bopping along to it. 
  33. Skinni Collins was unexpected. We were thinking an Irish granny who got a job as a clown type character and instead, we got a rollercoaster ride. 
  34. Victoria knows how to work a fan, giving the performance everything. 
  35. Drag queens don’t believe in mixers. 
  36. We are all cheering for Trudy Scrumptious. What an absolute star! With a wig change, she perfectly embodied divas.
  37. We can’t decide who to vote for. Every drag artist brought their absolute all. A phenomenal show.
  38. Divalicious and Clio are crowned the Queens of Captivity. Much deserved.

Victoria and Davina have created something truly special with the Queens of Captivity, a chaotic yet stunning show. This was the most I and my family have laughed since this lockdown started. When it finished up, we could not stop raving about the performances.

I would highly recommend tuning into the Davina and Victoria’s Petty Little Thing live on Thursday nights and supporting these sensational artists. It’s a one of a kind, chaotic celebration of drag and queer arts that’s truly unmissable. 

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