All Out launch fundraiser to help LGBT+ Russians on 'Saw' site list

All Out are appealing for donations to provide crucial support for LGBT+ people in Russia who are listed on the 'Saw' inspired website Пила.

Man holding rainbow flag falling forward as Russia police looks ready to attack.

All Out has launched a fundraiser to provide critical support systems for LGBT+ people in Russia who are on the Saw inspired website Пила, which rewards the hunting of LGBT+ people with a cash prize.

The advocacy group All Out has been working closely with other LGBT+ activists in Russia to combat Пила and the ‘hunters’ operating through it. By donating to the fundraiser, it will help aid vital emergency campaigns for LGBT+ rights and crisis responses in Russia and Chechnya, such as relocation programmes, shelters and legal aid. 

Donations will also go towards providing activists with the digital tools, strategies, and training necessary to run their campaigns. 

All Out said in a press release, “Russian authorities don’t care about LGBT+ people. The monsters who published the anti-LGBT+ blacklist are getting away with it. It’s up to us to help fight back.”

In July, Russian LGBT+ activist Yelena Grigoryeva was murdered in St Petersburg following her name being listed on Пила. She was found near her home with at least seven stab wounds and signs of strangulation.

Grigoryeva’s death occurred a week after the Russian LGBT+ Network announced that the site had been taken down. Пила gained prominence in April 2018. 

After the activist’s death, there were rallies in St Petersburg and vigils in London. With more resources, it would immensely help the push to carry on her memory.  

All Out commented on the reality facing many LGBT+ activists in Russia, “Our brave friends are no fearing for their lives. But they’re determined to never give up. We owe it to them to pull together everything we’ve got to help them FIGHT BACK. We owe at least that much to Elena.”

The fundraising is vital for amplifying the voices of LGBT+ people suffering in Russia. By donating, All Out can continue their work to prevent sites such as Пила from building a network of fear-mongering and violence towards the LGBT+ community.

Donations can be made on the All Out website at the following link. There is also a petition calling on the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Investigative Committee, and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to begin an investigation into the site.

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