Bill Gates Predicts HIV Vaccination in 15 Years

bill gates

On Friday, Bill Gates was asked to make some predictions for the future of science – he talked about HIV and Aids.


At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda hosted a keynote panel on sustainable development.

Host Fareed Zakaria asked Bill Gates to make some science predictions for the next 15 years and he began talking about HIV and Aids.

Gates noted that HIV treatment has come a long way from the 1980s and 1990s.

“As you get people on treatment their viral level is vastly reduced so that reduces their infectiousness,” he said.

He believes that a vaccine and new intensive drugs to combat HIV should be available by 2030 and end most new cases of the virus.

“When we reach that point in the region with the most dense HIV transmission in the world, cases will start going down everywhere around the globe for the first time since the disease was discovered more than 30 years ago,” Bill and Melinda wrote in an email about their scientific developments.

Gates was also optimistic about the battle against malaria, where work on a vaccine is more advanced than for HIV.

“We won’t see the end of Aids,” Gates said, “But both for malaria and Aids we’re seeing the tools that will let us do 95-100% reduction. Those tools will be invented during this 15-year period.”


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