Bisexual Woman Target Of Homophobic Abuse

A young, bisexual woman was subjected to homophobic abuse outside of her UK home.

Bisexual Woman Target Of Homophobic Abuse

A bisexual university student endured homophobic abuse outside of her UK home. She shared the video on social media to highlight the incident.

Dannie Andreeva, a 20-year old student at Plymouth University studying media arts, shared a video of her encounter with a religious man outside her door who wanted to share his opinion on LGBT+ people.

The man told her that having an affair is just as bad as practising homosexuality.

He continued to tell her that he has no problems with lesbians but acting on it is sinful and that sin is as bad as stealing, lying and cheating.

Andreeva says this isn’t the first time the man has come to her door. She doesn’t know who he is or what religious organisation he belongs to. She has yet to report the incident.

“He first came to my door last year and was speaking about his views of being gay,” she said to Devon Live. “I didn’t tell him I was bisexual, but I did say I wasn’t comfortable with him being at my door.”

Andreeva left to attend university. When she returned, the man appeared at her door again with someone else.

This time she decided to film her interaction with the man.


After Andreeva debated with him on his views, the man tried to show he was accepting of LGBT+ people.

“He said, ‘this morning I saw a lesbian and said hi to her’. What an honourable gesture you did; do you need to be appraised?” she said. “It’s also the fact he only refers to her as a lesbian like you wouldn’t say ‘oh so today I said hello to a straight person’. We need to stop labelling people.”

In less than 24 hours, the video had been viewed 5,000 times.

Andreeva said she wanted to show the abuse and intolerance LGBT+ people face daily.

“The more people who hear about this the better because this person is going around in my neighbourhood spreading this view of his religion,” she  said.”It’s horrible to think that someone can represent so much of a religion with so much hatred in him.”

Andreeva has used media in the past to highlight the experiences of the LGBT+ community. used a university assignment to expose reactions to same-sex couples in public

The student attached a GoPro camera to a friend who followed her and her girlfriend as they walked through Plymouth holding hands.

Dannie Andreeva with her GoPro project

“What we captured was some people looking like they had been personally offended while other we caught smirking, pointing and things like that,” she said.

Andreeva hopes that her GoPro project and video of the men at her door will educate people on the daily experiences of LGBT+ people.

She also encourages LGBT+ people to not tolerate the use of homophobic rhetoric or abuse.

“Don’t be afraid to call people out and make your point heard. Be proud of who you are and leave no room for self-hate; the world certainly doesn’t have any more room for it,” she said.

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