Courtney Act Clashes With Amanda Barrie Over Ann Widdecombe's Anti-Gay Views

Shane J aka Courtney Act has become the first house-mate up for eviction as the competition enters its final days


Shane Janek aka Courtney Act is facing nomination for the second week in a row.

The announcement came last night. In the past hour it has been revealed that Amanda Barrie is also facing the public vote.

It is not yet clear whether they will be joined by any further contestants or if it will be a head to head between the pair.

It follows an argument Courtney had with Amanda Barrie and Wayne Sleep which was broadcast in Sunday night’s episode.

Barrie, who is best known for her role as Alma in Coronation Street, spent years in the closet before coming out a few years ago.

The disagreement started after a conversation about Ann Widdecombe’s views on LGBT rights between Shane J, Malika and Wayne.

Wayne disagreed with Shane and Malika who were of the opinion that Widdecombe should be challenged for her firm views opposing same-sex marriage during her time as MP.


Wayne, Shane and Malika discuss Anne Widecombe’s opposition to same-sex marriage. (Channel 5)

Although Wayne was surprised to hear of Ann’s previous opposition to marriage equality, he argued that her political history shouldn’t be used against her saying:

“She did Strictly Come Dancing, that is not a politician anymore.

“This is a little show which I adore being in and there’s a woman here and you want me to pick her up about her past misdemeanours that you don’t agree with?

“This isn’t a soapbox to start talking about politics.”

Sleep reiterated the conversation to Amanda who angrily commented, “Take people as they are and take those bloody labels off.”

Later on in the evening, things escalated with a conversation between Shane and Amanda.

“I think the gay rights thing is a bit dodgy quite frankly,” she said.

“I get on with Ann quite fine and I’m in a civil partnership.

“I don’t discuss it, I don’t discuss Catholicism. That’s it, full stop, I like her.”

“You think this is some sort of platform for gay rights or something and you’re not even in a civil partnership,” she said.

Shane said: “Well to be fair, in 23 years of parliament she voted against every single pro-LGBT piece of legislation, which is your rights as a human being.”

Amanda replied: “It’s not my rights, it doesn’t affect me at all! I’m married.”

Shane retalitated by pointing out that she has benefitted from the work of marriage equality campaigners and politicians saying:

“Amanda you have these rights not due to people like Ann, but because of the people who stood up against Ann.”

Amanda then stated  that LGBT rights are not the only rights to be fought for.

She said: “When I got married, we didn’t ask for anyone’s acceptance. Every single person has taken it for who we are.

“It’s not all about gay rights, there are a lot of other rights going on.”

You can watch their full discussion here:

To find out if any other housemates are up for eviction tune into Big Brother at 9PM on 3e.

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