Daithí Top 5 Queer Anthems

Mother Pride Block Party 2017 performer Daithí picks his Top 5 Queer Anthems.

Dj Daithí stands in front of a crowd in a club

“Cans went flying, rain coats were ripped apart, the stage buckled under the gang of buzzers on the stage. Absolute heaven.”


On Saturday June 24th, Mother is teaming up with Smirnoff and hosting the biggest party of 2017! We asked the performing acts to pick their Top 5 Queer Anthems to get in the mood to celebrate Pride this week!

Daithí is an electronic music producer obsessed by the culture of Ireland. The choice award nominee combines nature recordings, old Irish samples and analog synths to create a unique type of house music that’s soaked in Irish culture. A mainstay in the Irish gigging scene, his live show is an improvised performance, creating on the spot dance music using synths, drum machines and live fiddle. 


Here’s Daithí’s picks for you!


Robyn – Dancing On My Own

The most obvious anthem, right? I once cried with happiness on a dance floor while this track was on, telling Elaine Mai she was the absolute greatest person in the world. And it’s still true! Elaine brought me to the original Mother club for the first time, and when I finally got to play there, she sang two tracks with me in that tiny tiny booth. IT’S NOTHING THERE’S JUST SOMETHING IN MY EYE OK?

Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

The first time I saw Tonie Walsh play was in the Blue Note Galway about 6 years ago, and this track was the high point of an insane night, one of the best I’ve had. That night was the first time properly meeting most of the Galway crew. Shout out to Melley! 


Cher – Believe

I have never seen a crowd go as crazy as when this was played out of the Mother stage in B&S two years ago. Cans went flying, rain coats were ripped apart, the stage buckled under the gang of buzzers on the stage. Absolute heaven. 


Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

This one is watching the sun come up with a gang of legends in somebodies apartment over looking Dublin after a night out. The last warm can, found down the back of a couch, and a duvet with no cover around 8 people. Ara. 

Joubert Singers – Stand on the word (Larry Levan Mix)

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You can follow our Spotify playlist as we will be updating it with more picks from the other acts performing.

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