Is Disney's Mulan Bisexual? The Internet Seems To Think So

The internet has exploded with the theory Mulan is bisexual based on a recently released image of the Disney princess from 'Wreck It Ralph 2'.

A group of Disney princesses including Mulan, Moana, Snow White and Rapunzel make funny faces at the viewer

Despite its enormous queer fanbase, Disney has always been the straightest studio in the biz. No matter how many Gay Days at Walt Disney World, or drag queen inspired characters (Okay – one), the chances of actually seeing a gay character on screen in one of their movies was a big zero. Thanks to Mulan, that all ends now! Well, kind of.

A recently released still from Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet has done exactly what it says on the tin. Entertainment Weekly published a shot of Ralph character Vanellope lounging with a group of classic Disney Princesses dressed in modern casual wear. Eagle eyed viewers immediately zoomed in on the ‘revealing’ outfit Mulan is sporting.

Check it out people – incontrovertible proof Mulan is bisexual! Maybe?

The cuffed pants, the posture, the jacket – bisexual to the max! According to viewers.

There may be some truth in there as, after all, Mulan is basically a bisexual love story. Li Shang was totally just as attracted to her when she was disguised as a boy. No? You don’t remember? Rewatch it.

Just in case it’s not sinking in yet, one Twitter user posted their “Bisexual Fashion Theorem”. You there yet?

Even better, she may not be the only queer princess! Frozen’s Anna got some attention too for the butch flannel look she’s sporting. And no, we will not let it go.

If this is a genuine subtle reference it really couldn’t have come at a better time for Disney. Following the much heralded non-event that was LeFou’s queerness in the live action Beauty And The Beast (please), Jack Whitehall has been on the receiving end of internet ire for the suggestion he might, and we stress might, play Disney’s first openly gay character.

Jungle Cruise will feature Whitehall playing the brother of Emily Blunt. His character has not been confirmed as gay but has been described as “hugely effete, very camp, and very funny” with no interest in women. For one, the absence of straight desire in a family film does not equate with homosexuality. The main flash point, however, is the fact that if the character is gay, it’s being played by a straight man perpetuating stereotypes with a character created to be laughed at for his queerness. Probably not a thing for Disney to be boasting about.

Wicked Dublin MPU

So even if the Wreck It Ralph 2 depiction was an unconscious move on the part of the animators, here’s hoping the whirlwind it’s whipped up is the beginning of Disney’s realisation that representation matters, and not all the kids they market their products to are cis, straight or binary, not by a long shot.

But finally, in the middle of the welcome storm of attention the sexuality of the princesses has received, can we just spare a moment to recognise the sheer epic-ness of that t-shirt Snow White is rocking.

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