Meet the drag queen behind Gay Spar Instagram and Twitter

Category is Gay Spar the house down! Drag queen Nara Hope has revealed she is behind both Gay Spar Twitter and Instagram.

Picture of Gay Spar beside a photo of Nara Hope in a yellow jacket.

Since Gay Spar came out as ‘Gay Spar’ in July 2019, the legendary spot has taken on a life of its own. In a shocking twist to the Gay Spar saga, drag queen Nara Hope has revealed herself to be behind both the Gay Spar Twitter and Instagram account.

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Gay Spar, the hub of gay nightlife, has taken the Internet by storm and sparked speculation around a possible Goth love interest. Speaking to Nara Hope about how this all started, she gives the inside scope of what it is like to be Gay Spar. 

What got you performing in drag and how long have you been doing it?

I got into drag because I didn’t have the confidence to go out as myself. I was spending most of my time at home. I was seeing all these fabulous drag shows play out through social and I wanted to be a part of that scene too, but when I did go out as myself I felt invisible. I’ve been going out in drag for a while, but I only started performing in April at DCU drag race.

Why did you set up the Gay Spar Instagram account?

I started the Gay Spar Instagram account, in all honesty because someone told me that I wasn’t funny. I thought that I was funny, at least a little bit but again it was a confidence thing. I could/can think of funny things to say but I could never work up the courage to say them. So I started the Gay Spar Twitter and then Instagram account back in April, and I kept it anonymous for the sole purpose of being to people without repercussions.

Has the account impacted your drag?

I think the Instagram account has impacted my drag a little bit. The Gay Spar has more of a reach than my drag account, so more people know me for running the Gay Spar than they do for being a performer, which I’m kind of glad about because it distracts from the fact that I’m actually not good of a drag queen yet. 


Why do you think Gay Spar has become so popular?

I don’t actually know why Gay Spar became popular. Probably because the actual Gay Spar has become such an essential part of the average gays night out. The Gay Spar was a cultural icon before I started the account. Weirdly enough I’ll sometimes get messages like “the toilets last night were filthy” or that the deli staff was rude. But it’s all part of the Gay Spar experience.


Do you think Dublin is ready for a Haus of Gay Spar?

I don’t think Dublin is ready for a Haus of Gay Spar. Maybe a Hause of Gay Centra?


You can also see the wonderful Nara Hope at her upcoming show I’m Baby, being held in Drop Dead Twice this October. It will be a night showcasing the best of Dublin’s baby drag, so definitely check out the Instagram page to see all the queens performing as well as the Eventbrite page.

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