Gay Spar and Goth Spar are the power couple we need in 2019

Twitter users found Goth Spar in Wales and think with Dublin's Gay Spar they'd make the cutest couple.

A split screen of Goth Spar and Gay Spar

With Gay Spar coming out this year and its staff acknowledging that it is Gay Spar maybe it’s time for the queer cornerstone to start looking for love. Twitter users have found what they think is the perfect match. Gay Spar meet Goth Spar!

“You’ve heard of Gay Spar, now get ready for Goth Spar.”

Gay Spar is the mom friend with chicken fillet rolls to save you after a heavy night out while Goth Spar is the emo kid in the corner crying and listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees. They could headbang to Britney or death drop to Panic at the Disco.Β 

One Twitter user suggested that its the perfect place to pick up Bela Lugosi’s bread.

If they both swipe right it would be a match made in heaven- they would be the Queens of the queers. Twitter user @saturnsunss summed it up: “Gay Spar and Goth Spar are peak humour.”

Although it became clear that not everyone knew about Gay Spar calling it “fancy department store Spar.”

The G in LGBT+ stands for Goth AND Gay Spar.Β 

I imagine this convenience store is the Welsh answer to Central Bank- a beacon for emos. It’s a natural part of their lifecycle to congregate towards the Central Bank Tower. We wonder, with the construction works, have the emos migrated to this Spar?

Word is that Goth Spar is no longer in Carmarthen. We wonder where they went. Maybe they’re on the way to Dublin to find their one true love. Or maybe it’s having its own personal journey. @eoinFOXNEWS thinks its only a matter of time: “only a few more years before it comes out as a beautiful Gay Spar. Such is the circle of life.”

If you see any more rogue Spars out there, make sure to let us know.

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